Sites To Find Social Travel Partners

When you go out with your friends or family on a trip together, it is a whole different travel experience. You enjoy & roam around with them and visit new places to build some exciting memories. We all must be having several folders or albums filled with candid pictures and videos of our happy times spent at various destinations with our loved ones.

Even when you travel with your better half or girlfriend, the experience is different and magical, but have you ever thought of traveling solo and interacting & spending times with locals or other travelers. You may find a travel buddy on a social travel app to further travel together which can be a completely new experience and way of traveling for you. A lot of people today are preferring to travel solo as it allows them an opportunity to not only explore places but also local people.

Social Travel

When it comes to traveling, we tend to be careful most often and it’s indeed good that way. Be it when one goes out to travel solo or with family or friends, everyone wants a happy, memorable & safe trip. But do you ever feel like you simply need to get away from your monotonous or daily routine life and try something new?

There are social travel apps available these days which can help you to connect with a number of travel enthusiasts from all over the world who are just like you with whom you may chat & try to find a compatible travel partner in at least one traveler or local. Going on a trip with a travel buddy can spice up your travel experience (we know, it sounds damn interesting).

You can find someone who is the right person for you to join you on your solo trip for which you can simply select someone on the basis of likes/dislikes, attitude/ideas towards traveling and how good you are with each other in conversations. This is what makes it interesting, with a lot of social travel sites coming up, it has become very easy and safe to find interesting people, connect with them and perhaps even meet to plan your next trip with them. Which would certainly become a lifetime memory of you with them?

Things To Be Careful About

But this doesn’t mean at all that you have to blindly trust whoever you see online, it is, of course, your own common sense and set of interests that would make you find the right travel friend to go on a trip with you. The good thing is, most of the social travel sites today have verified profiles to make sure a great user experience for the people who love to travel social. Apart from this, you would also want to ensure these below-mentioned points:

  • Take good care of your luggage and keep it secured.
  • Plan important things in advance and go with the flow while traveling
  • Ensure to meet your travel buddy before you leave for a trip together so as to know them better face-to-face
  • Research about the place you are going to visit well in advance and carry all the must-have(s)
  • Don’t fall in any sort of any scam and read all terms & conditions as well as the privacy policy of the social travel site/s you are going to use.

Trusted Sites Where You Can Find Social Travel Partners

Let us now see what are some of the trusted sites that will help you find a travel companion who is perfectly suitable for you:

TravelPeopleApp —It is a great global platform to create a trip and let others join you. So make your plans ahead and let a travel buddy join you.

Yuusk —It is a popular travel dating and travel companion site which has a user-friendly interface and the great reviews, provided by its users who use it, provide great help to the travelers who are looking to use this site.

Hervix —Another great social travel site that allows you to chat, meet and travel with ease. Hervix is a great platform to find a travel date among people across different countries. Chat & connect with travel enthusiasts at this site to later meet & travel together.


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