Auto Coin Grow Calculator – Determine the Potential Returns!

We have subjected our trading system to tests and confirmed that the daily profitability could shoot to 90% during high volatility. However, the average daily return rate during normal volatility periods is 15%. This is if you are trading the New York or Shanghai time zones. The New York time zone brings high bitcoin volatility given the billions of dollars worth of BTC derivatives traded on the bourse.

The Shanghai time zone also involves heavy BTC derivatives trading. You should run our trading system from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM in either of the time zones. Do not run Auto Coin Grow beyond your time zone of choice to avoid rollover fees.

We encourage you to use the Auto Coin Grow calculator to determine how much you can make if you compound at least 70% of the daily profits. The calculator is only accessible to fully registered clients.